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The firm of Messrs. Dipnarine Rampersad & Co. wishes to extend our warmest congratulations to our Mr. Dipnarine Rampersad on being appointed Senior Counsel on the 8th May 2023.

This prestigious designation is a testament to his unwavering dedication, hard work and exceptional legal skills.


Mr. Rampersad's extensive experience and expertise in the field have rightfully earned him this high honor and we have no doubt that he will continue to make significant contributions to the legal profession as a Senior Counsel and that he will use this platform to continue to make a positive impact in the legal community and beyond.





The litigation department is one of the firm’s primary strengths and it provides a full array of litigation services encompassing actions in the Supreme Court, Hall of Justice, the Court of Appeal, the Industrial Court, Registrars, Court, Tax Appeal Board, specialist tribunals, arbitrators and mediators.

The firm also represents clients before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in the United Kingdom, the country’s highest Court of Appeal.

The litigation department has an extremely varied and versatile case-load and services a clientele of private clients, companies, regional corporations, government institutions and NGO’s.

The areas of specific expertise include Professional and Private Negligence Litigation, Insurance Claims, Subrogation and Recoveries, Employer’s Liability, Constitutional Actions, Employment Disputes including Post-Termination Issues, Discrimination, Dismissal, Health and Safety and Harassment.

Our Litigation department also offers actions related to property such as possession and applications for vesting orders.



Our specialist property department provides clients with an efficient and cost effective service in relation to drafting, reviewing and negotiating property acquisitions, sales and leases as well as re-mortgages, Transfer of Equity, Residential Leases, Landlord and Tenant agreements for residential clientele. 

For our corporate clients, we undertake the preparation of Commercial Leases, Commercial Sales and Purchases, Licenses to Assign, Licenses to Underlet, Lease, Lease Variations, Sale and Purchase of Land and New Developments.

The firm also provides a route to recourse in Litigation for matters involving possession, injunctions, auctions, vesting orders and land under the Real Property Ordinances.



Services include conducting social surveys and field data, title searches and preparation of title opinions, preparation and service of section 3 and section 4 notices, inclusive of drafting notes to cabinet for approval, publication in the Gazette and service on land owners, advising affected persons of the need to show clear title/ ownership before any agreements or treaties can be applicable to them, preparation and execution of private treaties for sale, preparation and service of section 5 notices (provisional).



Services This department services a client base which includes companies from a wide spectrum of industries such as construction, energy, general retail, logistics, media, power generation, real estate development, shipping and telecommunications. We also provide advice to banks, financial institutions, investment advisors, insurance companies, venture capital and other investment funds. We represent some of the Caribbean’s largest banks, insurance companies, property developers and conglomerates, as well as startup businesses.

Our practice within corporate and commercial includes joint ventures, partnerships, private equity, restructuring and insolvency and general corporate or commercial advice. We provide advice for companies wishing to enter and do business in Trinidad and Tobago, including corporate formation and organization and work permit applications. We combine our legal expertise with commercial practicality in order to provide quality service to our clients. 



Services Our family law practice operates within our Litigation Department and provides a wide range of services including but not limited to Petitions for Divorce, Applications for maintenance, Property settlement and Custody Applications.

Specializing in Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Family Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property and Trademarks. 




The Firm has been established since 1981, by  Mr. Dipnarine Rampersad S.C., after being admitted to practice as a Solicitor. Since then the firm has evolved exponentially both in size and expertise over the course of its existence and today enjoys a well-established reputation in the legal profession and legal landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.


Our business philosophy is to offer high quality service while providing a broad base of expertise to enable our clients to make decisions from a position of strength. The success of this philosophy is reflected in the rapid expansion of the firm’s client base and its high rate of growth both in terms of staff members and volume of business.

The ability of our Attorneys, the continuity of our staff, our Associates-level service (both in-house and those on brief), our efficient and reliable service, the number of different specialists available to us and our charging policy allow us to competently service the needs of our clientele within the various categories of work presently undertaken by our firm.

The firm is currently comprised of fourteen in-house Attorneys at Law organized as a number of specialist groups providing advice and representation in a variety of fields which are further detailed hereunder.

The firm is further facilitated by six specialized and highly experienced Clerks and an Administrative and Ancillary Staff of twenty, comprising of accounting, archives, search, process, logistics and maintenance personnel.

The firm has a well-established commercial, corporate and private client base and offers a sophisticated and specialized expertise, in a client-focused and cost-sensitive environment.



Mr. Dipnarine Rampersad S.C.
Mr. Anand S.Rampersad

LLB (Hons); LPC University of Westminster, UK

Ms. Kely–Jo Victoria Sirju

LLB(Hons); LPC Westminster University, U.K

Ms. Namala Mohammed

LLB(Hons); L.E.C 

Ms. Tesheera Mohammed

LLB(Hons); LPC Staffordshire University, UK

Ms. Karissa Dowlatsingh

LLB(Hons); L.E.C.

Mr. Kiran Lutchmedial

LLB(Hons); L.E.C.

Mr. Chanka R.L.Persadsingh 

LLB(Hons.) ; LEC ; LLM 

Ms. Vidivarty Ramkhalawan

LLB (Hons); LPC Staffordshire University, UK

Ms. Manisha Bahadoor

LLB(Hons); LPC Staffordshire University, UK

Ms. Savitri Rambaran

LLB(Hons); LPC Staffordshire University, UK

Ms. Sashanta Indoi

LLB(Hons); LPC Staffordshire University, UK

Ms. Kimberly Sookdeo

LLB(Hons); L.E.C.





San Fernando Office:

No. 8-10 Gordon Street, 
San Fernando, 
Trinidad W.I.

Tel:  (868) 652-3843/1361/2060

         (868) 653-8931

Fax: (868) 652-1260



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Port-of-Spain Office:

No. 19 St. Vincent Street,  

Trinidad W.I.

Tel:  (868) 627-5275

Fax: (868) 624- 4018





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